TCKolar Art

TCKolar Art

Friday, June 24, 2011

Miss Ava at BREC. Spring 2011

Ava- Spring 2011

Showing Ava in Iron River, WI-2009

Girl scouts painted horses at the barn. The girls literally painted ON the horses!! Too much fun!!

Competing with my quarter horse mare- Sweetie 2006

Courtney King Dye. Olympic Dressage Trials, June 2008.

With Brentina at the Olympic Dressage trials 2008

Birthday dinner in Scotland with Debbie McDonald.

This is my dear friend Elaine Palance and her gorgeous Friesian gelding, Handsome. Elaine's late husband was the talented actor, Jack Palance.

Brenna and I at "Foot In THe Door" art reception, MInneapolis Art Institute.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kandinsky Circles

Ranch King

Red Spotted Pony

Pine Stand II

Pine Stand I

White Pine with Matisse Stripes

Fish with Gustav Circles

White Pine and Horse with Gustav Stripes

Gustav Raven

Blue Horse

Stone Legend Horses

Three Birds and Golden Branches

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