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TCKolar Art

Thursday, November 28, 2013

"Henny Penny Goes To Town"
Mixed media mini painting
"Henny Penny Goes To Town" 
stamp #GE2535

Hello! It's me-Teresa Kolar! This time here to show you how to paint a little 3x3 inch canvas with some darling stamps from RubberMoon Art Stamp Company. This little piece shows a lot of the joy I find in chickens and their whimsical nature. Anyone who knows me knows I love hens. I have four of my own..... 

.............Picture?! Why, of coarse, I just happen to have one right here...........

These are my girls (from left to right)-Beyonce Knolls Kolar, Gwen Stefani Kolar, Madonna Kolar
and (in the front) Goldie Hawn Kolar. I just love 'em!
So, it is only fitting that I do a blog entry about a sassy and glamourous little hen.
I don't have a Henny Penny but, if I had one more chicken maybe that would be her name. I'll keep you posted.

Oh! One more thing.......look at these pix- one of Beyonce Knolls Kolar. The other of Beyonce Knolls. See the resemblance?! 
 it's uncanny!

Initial/first phase of materials

Ok, now it's time for serious fun.
My favorite kind.

A dark brown for your very first layer.
Hints of Burnt Sienna while first layer is wet.
Very small hints of earthy red
An earthy yellow. Naples Yellow shown here will be
 used later with the stencil.
A 3x3 inch canvas that can be purchased at Michael's art store or just about any store that carries art supplies..

Second Phase of Materials
Matisse inspired handmade stencil
scratchy, rough brush
pointy small brush

Apply the first layer of dark paint. Use strokes that
change direction often. This creates 
more interest.

Apply a second layer of dark paint and then, touches of earthy red.
The red is added while dark is still wet.

Blow dry your under painting until it is 
completely dry to the touch.

Here I used a handmade stencil created
 from a manila folder.
This shape was inspired by the artist Henry Matisse.

Layering of Color
Apply a wispy layer of cream then,
dry with blow dryer.

Next apply a wispy layer of white. 
(less than the cream-very little here. It is just an accent).

Stamping!! :-DDD
Now it is time for stamping!
 I will be using RubberMoon Art Stamp
Chicken #GE2535 to create my "Henny Penny."

 Burnt sienna is a great color to go on top of the cream and white. 
Your burnt sienna should be of liquid consistency.
If it is too thick the paint will not transfer to the canvas. 
It MUST be liquidy. (Made up word-liquidy). I like it.

When you apply the stamp to the canvas it will be a little tricky. I would
encourage you to do a practice printing. When you press the stamp onto the canvas
the fabric will give way under the pressure of the stamp. To avoid this from happening (the stamp not transferring to the canvas) support the back of the canvas with your fingers. Press the stamp firmly against the canvas with your fingers pushing against the stamp from the other side simultaneously. (Hope all this serious talk isn't hampering your sense of whimsy). I think you'll see what I mean immediately, especially if you do a practice run.

Montana brand Acrylic Paint Marker-White
Use this for filling in the chicken body, head, etc. 
I also used Montana Acrylic marker in black to
change Henny Penny's legs a bit.
Both the white and the black markers
are extra fine points. A must for working this small.
(Black marker not shown).

Next I will use another RubberMoon Art Stamp.
I will apply Burnt Sienna (liquidy) paint to the very
bottom portion of the canvas.

This is the lovely result.

Next I use this stamp (one of my favorites)
corner to imply a sun or moon or just
wonderful circular energy.

Now it's time to add fun details to the background. 
Use your white acrylic marker for linear accents, outline the chicken shape. 
Fill in where you like.


"Henny Penny Goes To Town"
Many thanks for visiting my blog. It was so much fun creating this tutorial for you to try. I hope you have enjoyed it. If you should have any questions, just leave them in the comment box.

 A little P.S.-
I didn't mention the names of the colors I used (except for burnt sienna and Naples yellow) because I wanted to leave that open for your own interpretation. Choosing colors is part of the fun. Just choose a cream you like, a red you like. There are many versions of each. You don't have to use exactly what I did. Go to the art store and find the one that speaks to you. Really, I'm not kidding. That's why we love art!

 Visit  this wonderful company, RubberMoon Art Stamp Company
You will find oodles and oodles of amazing artsy stamps in addition to the darling chicken stamp used here.

Find more of my art on my blog:
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I am on Facebook too: Teresa Kolar and/or Purple Sun Studio
All the very best!-Teresa :-D
Experiment and enjoy!


  1. DElightful! Your post is great! Love your srbse of humor and your wonderful ideas and art!! Thank you again for sharing. Great great great!

  2. Sense of humor ...not your srbse of humor!

  3. I LOVE THE CHICKEN LEGS!!!!!!!! What a fun project!!! I especially like how you totally captured Beyonce/Beyonce in the post!!! SO FUNNY!!!!! You are so clucky to have your 4 'chicken girls' to entertain and inspire you!!!! well done Miss T.!!!!!! xoxo

  4. Can not tell you how much I love this POST! Its that simple! Keep them coming Teresa! xo

  5. Very nice project! Thanks for sharing Teresa

  6. Teresa - I so love this little gem. My very first hen was named Henny Penny. I was around 10 or so and I talked my Dad into letting me save her from the chopping block. She was the only gold chicken in a sea of ill-fated white broilers. She was fabulous and I loved her. And she laid double-yolkers! Thus began my life of pet chickens...