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TCKolar Art

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Get Inspired for Spring!:-)

Textured and Stamped Mini Easter Tote

Teresa Cox Kolar here from Sweet Mare Studio and RubberMoon Art Stamps!  The following is an Easter project. Get inspired now, collect your materials, do the project (once or a few times) and you're ready for Easter!
 No better way to alleviate the winter blahs than to get creative with symbols of new beginnings like Easter eggs, baby chicks, bunnies, bright colors and treats!
If you should feel moved to create what you see, you have plenty of time to get your supplies.
So, let's get started!


To start you will need a paint brush or two, a mini wooden tote (I got this one from Michael's Art Store), favorite paints, and a gel medium. Shown here is a Golden brand gel. Any brand will do just fine.


Do an under painting of a nice dark color. I chose crimson.
 A purple would work very nicely too.


Apply a layer of gel medium. 
Gel is meant to create fabulous texture.
It will go on white. Then, will dry completely transparent. 
We want the wonderful under painting to "peek through" the top layers. 
So apply your gel in a textured way. 
We don't want a smooth application. 
The best brush for this is a cheap, stiff, coarse bristled one.


Next, after the first layer is completely dry apply another contrasting dark color.
 I chose teal. As you can see, it creates a dramatic look.


Now we will put on a layer of "Eastery" color. I chose an ocean green/light turquoise.
In this photo you can see the under paintings peeking through-nice!


Now, a layer of cream.


And finally, a layer of white.
The idea is to work from dark to light. Start your project with dark colors and gradually add each layer with a lighter color. The very first color is the darkest. The very last color is the lightest. Between applications make sure each layer is completely dry.


Stamping!! :-D
This part of my project is particularly special because the
 stamps we will be using were designed by "your's truly!" 
The stamp pictured is called "Henri Motif"-#TK4aa. 
You can find it on the RubberMoon Art Stamps
Etsy site. Using a paint brush apply the color
 turquoise to the stamp. Decorate your tote keeping in mind that
the turquoise will show up the best when applied over white.


Another stamp that I designed. 
This one is called "Organic Circle"-#TK6f. 
This stamp can also be found on the 


Add some colorful grass and Easter treats. 
Hide from an excited Wee One.
So much fun.
**Special Note-eggs pictured here were happily 
donated by my hens-Madonna and Beyonce.


Many thanks for visiting my blog. It was so much fun creating this tutorial for you to try. I hope you have enjoyed it. If you should have any questions, just leave them in the comment box.


 Visit  this wonderful company, RubberMoon Art Stamp Company
RubberMoon offers the stamps used in this tutorial as single pieces.
You will find oodles and oodles of amazing artsy stamps. Their site is new, improved and brimming with inspiration.


Find more of my art on my blog:
Also, check out my Etsy shop: TCKolarArt
The stamps used here are part of a set offered at my Etsy shop-TCKolarArt
All the very best!-Teresa :-D
Experiment and enjoy!


  1. Love this. Great idea. It is FUN to see your new stamps!! xo

  2. This is a really helpful little tutorial, Teresa. Loved seeing the method for using the gel medium. Thank you! And congrats on your very own rubber stamp designs!

    1. Thank you! This post is listed as "unknown." :(
      Who is the kind person who paid me this compliment?

  3. these totes are perfect for Easter baskets, and with your design can be used even after Easter!!! love all the stamps in your collection, they look like YOU!!!! :)

  4. I am now ready for Easter!!!! Thank you......

  5. Hi I have been trying to find you! I have 7 of your paintings that I bought at lizards. Where is your work currently.. I come to Duluth often.deb

  6. Hi Deb!
    I have art work at Lizzards Gallery right now. I also have a huge selection of things in my studio. Are you looking for anything in particular? I would be happy to schedule a time for you to come to my studio. Otherwise, Lizzards Gallery is wonderful too. Keep in touch!

  7. Deb, send me a friend request. I will friend you and then we will be able to keep in touch.